Free Throw Shoot-a-thon

There is a $40.00 minimum for every player. 


This fundraiser is not only a tool to be used to work on your free-throw skills, which of course is a vital part of any basketball player’s game, but is, at the same time, a tool to raise money to help offset club costs. This is a mandatory participation fundraising event. All Bay Area Elite players MUST participate in the Free-Throw-A-Thon. 


Each Athlete will collect pledges from people they know. These people will sign up to pay a pledged fee for each free-throw made out of 50 free throw attempts. Once the 50 free throws have been shot and the number of made free throws is determined, the player will collect the pledge money from those who sponsored them. 

This is a mandatory fundraiser where all players MUST participate and raise a minimum of $40.00. 

For this fundraiser, all monies raised, including any above the  $40 minimum established for the fundraiser will go into the Bay Area Elite general fund. 

Obviously, the purpose of this is to make money for the club to offset club costs, the expenses that player fees will not cover. Therefore, each player and player parent need to commit to making sure they do their part. Listed below are some things to maximize everyone's effort:


    • Where to Get Pledges: The Free-Throw-A-Thon is the easiest fundraiser ever. All that a player and a player's parents need to do is get pledges from people who know the player and know of their commitment to basketball.  

    • Straight Donations Are Accepted: If someone would rather just give a straight money donation rather than make a per-free-throw pledge, that is ok too. 

    • How to Convince People to Pledge: The easiest way to be successful at getting people to pledge is to give them an example of what it will cost them.

  • The Mechanics of How it Works: Once someone says they will make a pledge, fill out the appropriate information about the pledge and the person who made it onto the Free-Throw-A-Thon form. You'll need the pledge's name, phone number and either email or physical address to advise them once the shooting has completed and the amount they owe.  Once the Free-Throw-A-Thon is done, you'll need to go back to all your pledge people and collect the money from your pledges for each free throw you made, then turn in the total pledge amount. If a pledge person wants to write a check, have them write the check out to Bay Area Elite and Put the players name in the memo.
  • Let's Have Fun: