Business Sponsorship Request.

Bay Area Elite (B.A.E.) has continued to be blessed with great players and parents. Our organization has more talent than ever before. B.A.E. finished our 2023 season as one of the premier organizations in Florida. As we look ahead to our 2024 campaign we are looking to continue to improve and provide athletes with as many opportunities as we can. As we enter our second season with our own training facility and our 10th season as an organization, we are looking for business sponsors and individual donations to continue our growth.

We are asking business sponsors for a $500 donation to get a banner that will be put up at our training facility. We are also looking for Individual donations. Individual donations do not have a set amount. Anything that is given will be put to good use.

We will be using donations to finance the following equipment: New Basketball & Racks, Climber system, Leg Press, Quad & Ham Machine, Row machine, Netting System, & Building out a Recovery room.