Bay Area Elite Policies

 Refund Policy

The Club’s cost structure of a player’s participation is not a variable. This means that if a player no longer plays with his team, the costs do not decrease: the same gymnasium rental fees must be paid, and his/her team’s tournament entry fees are unchanged. Therefore, there are NO REFUNDS.

Each travel tournament has fixed costs and each player is responsible for his/her share of those costs, even if the player does not go to the tournament. The decision to attend an additional tournament outside those designed for a team is a team decision and the financial cost will be spread equally to all members of that team who will attend.

Disciplinary - Refunds will not be given for players or parents discharged from the club for disciplinary reasons.

Injuries - Refunds will be made only to players who cannot finish the season due to injury. No refund will be acknowledged without a written note with the doctor’s signature. Refunds will be based on total paid to fees less uniform fee and tournaments attended to date of injury or illness. Give your written note to the Club Director.


If you have a concern for  a coach, you may approach him before or after practice time, or use his/her contact info to speak with them. You may NOT approach a coach at any time during a tournament concerning play time or other team issues.
We will follow the "24 hour cool off rule". It states that parents may not contact a coach 24 hours before or after a tournament regarding play time or like issues.
If you have contacted your coach about an issue and you feel it needs more attention, you may contact the director.