COVID-19 Announcement

Bay Area Elite Family

I know the last several weeks have been extremely trying for everyone. I hope that every has remained safe and healthy. I also hope that all our athletes are acclimated to their new school routines and still finding the time to stay in basketball shape.

I like many of you am looking forward to a return to basketball. As it currently stands all the major tournament series are anticipating returning to play by May 16th and have extended the Regular season a month through August 30th to back end missed events. Once I have all the rescheduled dates Thursday the tournament schedule on the website will be updated.

Even with the extension some major scheduling adjustments will be required. I anticipate that the all grades 8th and under and High School Girls will still be able to complete the set number of original events in the time frame. However, 9th & 10th grade boys more than likely will see a reduction in the number of events they are able to participate in during the regular season. This will be confirmed by this Friday once the coaches have the chance to go through the rescheduled events. If there is a reduction in events, then player cost will be adjusted, and any players paid in full will receive the difference in a refund when practice resumes.

Tentatively I anticipate that we will get back to practicing the weekend of May 15th & Game play May 29th. Bay Area Elite’s mission is to develop our players and that is not done by just playing games. We want to make sure that players are practicing training and becoming students of the games. Now that they have confirmed virtual school for the remainder of the academic year, I will add some additional practices earlier in the day, to get more practice times with fewer players participating at once.

When we return to practice we will take precautions against the spread of COVID-19.
  • Only healthy players should attend practice (We will take everyone’s temperature digitally as soon as they arrive through the doors.) – Anyone with a fever will not be allowed to stay.
  • Door knobs, and entry ways will be disinfected prior to player arrivals
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided prior to the start of practice and during practice
  • Players cannot bring in bags or excess items outside of water or sports drinks
  • Players must wash their hands during breaks 
  • Parents and friends are encouraged not to enter the gym or maintain necessary social distancing and sit 6 feet apart.
When we return to practice we will also add outdoor practices., and virtual “Zoom Practice” in addition to our indoor practices. These additional practices will be added to ensure that we are working with players as much as possible during those 15 weeks.

UNIFORMS -Every single player still has items to collect. We will give them out as soon as practice resumes.
Again, this is our tentative plan and is predicated on what goes on with the government. I look forward to seeing all the players and parents soon.

Best Regards & Well Wishes!!

Coach Davis