Boxing Fitness Class

Experience (HIIT) high-intensity interval training inspired by a boxer’s workout

The workout

Get ready for a full-body workout like no other! Our 45-minute boxing fitness classes,are formatted into multiple, 3-minute rounds on the heavy bag, and core exercises

Boxing workouts are unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.We are dedicated to giving people of all ages, all bodies, all abilities the best workout of their lives. Our exercise classes channel the fundamentals of a true boxer’s workout, and a lot of fun.

What’s best is you’re working your full body in every move, in every boxing class by throwing four basic punches (jab, cross, hook and uppercut) in combinations called out by the trainer. The combinations in our classes from the warm-up to the rounds and core are endless. Our members love that the classes are short, effective and combine strength trainingstamina, and core.

The benefits of fitness boxing:

  • A strength and cardio-based workout all in one
  • Improvement of your resting heart rate and muscular endurance
  • Increased balance, coordination, reactivity and agility
  • Caloric burn and the “after burn” even when class is over
  • A great workout to help people lose weight or tone their bodies
  • A good, healthy (amazing!) way to relieve stress


Start with shadow boxing, cardio drills and stretches

The best HIIT workout ever starts with trainer-led shadow boxing, cardio drills and stretches to get your heart pumping. You’ll begin each class with a solid stretch and calisthenics to prepare your body for punching the heavy bag during the rest of the workout. Think: lunges, squats, shadow boxing, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and more to warm-up different muscle groups for our total-body workout.

Work through a series of boxing rounds with active rest in between

Each of our boxing workouts consists of 3-minute rounds where your trainer will lead you through a series of punches on the heavy bag. We’ll lead you, show you and teach you how to properly execute each one throughout the rounds. 

Finish with an abdominal workout and cool down

Finish your full-body workout with a variety of exercises targeting your abs. Trainers will lead you through a strengthening and toning abdominal workout designed to define your core. Strengthening your core will improve your punches, protect your back from injury and help you feel super fit!